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Compilation of Isis under Linux or Mono for Android

Isis2 is built by using C# language .Net 4 features. So, to compile Isis2 on Linux, you need to install Mono with at least version 2.10 and use dmcs command to compile.

If you are using Ubuntu 11.10, then it already comes with Mono 2.10, and only dmcs command might need to be installed:
*sudo apt-get install mono-dmcs;
or simply type dmcs and see what package is suggested to install.

If you are using other Linux distributions and want to build Mono from source, below is a tutorial.

Setup Mono from Source

This simple tutorial shows how to install Mono and use it to build Isis2 as a library. For detailed document on Mono, please go to Mono's page

1) Create 'bin' directory.
mkdir $HOME/bin;

2) Download Mono (2.10):
(suppose you are under the ~ folder)
mkdir Mono;
cd Mono;
tar xjvf mono-2.10.tar.bz2;
cd ../;

3) Compile and install Mono:
cd mono-2.10.tar.bz2;
./configure --prefix=$HOME/bin LDFLAGS=-L$HOME/bin/lib 1>LOG.configure 2>ERR.configure;
make 1>LOG.make 2>ERR.make;
make install 1>LOG.makeinstall 2>ERR.makeinstall;

4) Compile Isis2 into a Mono DLL:
cd path of Isis
dmcs Isis.cs -t:library

Notes for Mono for Android:

Obtain the Mono for Android platform from Xamarin. This is a for-fee distribution but they do have a program to permit some academic users to do development on the platform as part of coursework for a class. Contact them for information.

Compile as for Mono within Visual Studio. Run Isis2 with ISISTCPONLY set to true and with ISIS_HOSTS set to a suitable "rendezvous" node that will have the Isis ORACLE active on it.

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