New OOB feature in V2.2.xxxx for people moving big objects around using Isis2

May 13, 2014 at 8:36 PM
Just a quick request for comments. I'm thinking I'll add a new feature to the Isis multicast and DHT (it will work in all of them). If you have a memory-mapped file called XYZ, you'll be able to put an OOBFileRef object into the message this way: new OOBFileRef("XYZ") on the sending side, and then when you receive one of these objects, you'll be able to call mva = obfr.OOBFetch() to fetch the associated MemoryMappedViewAccessor on the receiving side.

I'll also update the documentation -- my thinking is to really urge people who want to use Isis2 to move big chunks of data around to work with this subsystem. Performance is quite good, especially on RDMA devices like Infiniband, and WAY better than sending massive things through the core multicast layers, which tend to get congested when you do that.

Suggestions welcome...