Isis2 for people who don't want to use C#

Jan 26, 2014 at 3:51 PM
Edited Jan 26, 2014 at 4:02 PM
I'm in the midst of a push now to make Isis2 more and more useful without ever programming against the Isis2 API. You'll find that I recently posted a tool written by one of our students, Kaveri Chaudry, that offers a small server in which she runs Isis2 (e.g. the server is a kind of stand-alone version of the library). You run one copy on each node in your cluster or HPC system. Then you can access the Isis2 OOB interface from programs on the same machines where you have copies of the server. Thus if you had 100 machines using Hadoop, you could put this server in the background and now it becomes possible to use the Isis2 in-memory replication API to share mapped files between your applications.

There are two ways to talk to Kaveri's server: via a command-line program she wrote, or from a very thin library for C++ or C users, who would work purely in native <C++ or C, without the .NET CLI extensions.

In the coming weeks, she and are extending this to also talk to the Isis2 locking layer and the Isis2 DHT. At that point we can provide the key Isis2 functionality to people who are working in totally unrelated languages and using tools like Hadoop. We think the mix could be very powerful and it will be entirely transparent to the Hadoop user with existing code that needs to keep running -- these new features will add to Hadoop but won't require mods to the way you do things normally.

It would be awesome if people could post on this discussion thread and/or send an email to Ken ( if they have a good application for this and would be willing to be a beta user. Later in the spring we'll do a user manual aimed just at this community, and it won't have a line of C# in it, or even mention that Isis2 is a library written in a powerful but obscure programming language known only to an elite few...