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V2.2.2013 issue with RunAsWorker(IPAddress) [Fixed in V2.2.2020]


Theo showed me a bug in which you call RunAsWorker(IPAddress MastersAddress) and the system would always limit the worker to starting up within 30 seconds, even if you override the default timeout (which in any case was supposed to be 90 seconds).

The issue turned out to be that in this mode, the Master's PID isn't specified -- you are giving the IP of the machine on which the master can be found, but then Isis2 has to figure out the PID (the rendezvous occurs via the Master having the proper port number open). Once it learns the PID, the system is supposed to update some internal data structures to have the correct address for the master shown. But this update missed one structure, and it turned out that a timeout would be triggered from that part of the system.

Rather than patch the V2.2.2013 general release, I've created a rolling bug-patch release, currently called CV2.2.2020. I'll update it from time to time as I fix issues, and then after a few months, I can fully test it and release it as a new general release. So the issue is fixed, but you'll want V2.2.2020 if this is something you might run into.