"The system" V2.2.xxxx coming soon

Jun 14, 2014 at 4:27 PM
Just a quick status update. I've been working hard on improving the out of band (OOB) data transfer logic and am steadily getting better performance and increased robustness -- the original version in V2.1.xxxx is ok, actually, but it turns out one can do much better with more effort. The new version will also take full advantage of Infiniband and other RDMA technologies, which actually includes fast Ethernet on some platforms.

How soon will I release this? The answer "depends." I have an alpha of the new OOB stuff running now; within a few weeks I should feel confident enough to call that a solid release. But I've also toyed with other ideas for trying to get the system to automatically use the OOB layer whenever it needs to move really big objects (e.g. if you try to multicast a 10Mb thing, I would automatically do an OOB transfer instead). If I do that, it would take a bit longer to add the needed code, but it would also make this new mechanism pretty much invisible to most users.

Nick is also doing a lot of work to move the code base itself into a more code-standards-compliant form. I very much appreciate all the effort this has taken and continues to require -- I was pretty far from compliant and even with his work to date, the system still is. So another question for V2.2. is how much of that needs to be in the system.

And then of course if we decide to change to a new project name, maybe V2.2. would be released "over there". So that would also be a factor to consider.

Comments and questions, or suggestions, very welcome...